Are you looking through this website and wonder what's going on? Are you not sure what we're talking about with the workouts? Listed below are some of the more common exercises and definitions that might not be self-explanatory. If we don't have something listed here you'd like to see, post it to the comments below!


Around the World - Performed with either a Kettlebell or Oly Plate - YouTube Link

Fire Hose Waves

"Gladiator" Landmine Ground Press - Performed using the Gladiator Landmine pivot joint (or other landmine accessory) - 


Inverted Ring Rows

Kettlebell Orbits

Prone Jacks

Suspended Planks to Elbows

Wood Chops


Cat Pose

Cobra Pose

Plow Pose

Squat Bridge - sit in the bottom of the squat. Put your elbows inside of the knee and clasp your hands together. Force your upper arms straight across, pushing your knees out. Hold that position for the set amount of time. (LINK: More on Squat mobility)

5-5-3-1 - This is a rep range and will usually be posted in the WORK section (see WORK below). What we are looking for here is 5 (light - 50% PR), 5 (medium - 75% PR), 3 (heavy - 90% PR), 1 (max - 100%+ PR). This combination can be completed several times per week because we rotate through the various major muscle chains.

Base - (formerly Buy-In) The Base is the warm-up which you should do everyday, down day or not. Keep the body moving and limber. This may not be posted everyday; usually only on the days I feel it would be prudent to address specific areas.

Reset - (formerly Post) The ending portion of the workout session. This section is used for currency (see below), make-up work, and (depending upon the WOD) perhaps short MetCons.

- This term is generally used during Cash-Outs of the workouts, and mostly on the Oly lifts. It means we want you to maintain your current level of awareness and proficiency on this lift. We are not necessarily looking for records here, but if you still have the power to hit a new PR, go for it! What it boils down to is we don't always have the opportunity to hit all of the lifts every week. This is the process we've developed to maintain currency on those lifts and get a little extra work out of you in the process!

EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute. This means you perform the listed exercises in the workout (or WOD) within a 60 second period and EVERY 60 second period for the duration listed in the workout. For example, if the WOD is EMOM 10 Minutes, 20 Push-Ups. You would perform 20 push-ups every 60 seconds for 10 minutes.

Gasser - Set up a 50m straight range with no obstacles or incline. Starting on one end of the 50m range, an athlete will sprint across the field to the opposite side, turn and sprint back to the start point, plant and sprint to the far side, plant and sprint back to the original start point. 1 full gasser will constitute four trips side to side for a total of 200 meters.

MetCon - Metobolic Conditioning. The mainstay of the true blood boiling, heart exploding, lung searing cross training workout. Here's a GREAT
definition of MetCon at TacFit.com

Periodization - This is the division of training cycles. Each period has an established training goal. It consists of the varation in intensity, volume, and frequency over each period. 
  • WOD - Workout Of the Day. Refers to the actual "daily" workout
  • Microcycle - Usually refers to a week of training
  • Mesocycle - Usually refers to a period lasting 2-4 months
  • Macrocycle - The largest unit of time lasting anywhere form 1 to 4 years(Olympic cycle)
PYR (pronounced "pyre") - Pick Your Reps. In this type of WOD scoring, you pick the number of reps you do in a particular round. The "trick" to this scoring pattern is you have to pick a number of reps you can complete consecutively without taking a break or stopping. If you complete the number of reps, you count those reps as part of your score. If you fail to complete them without stopping, you receive zero points. Generally speaking, this should be done with a consistent weight, height, or standard for all participants (i.e. 95lbs thruster, 24 inch box jump, etc.)

Penalty - A penalty is generally applied in circumstances where is would be easier for the athlete to reduce their output in subsequent rounds following the first round or event. It acts as incentive to get as close to optimum performance as possible - because if you don't, you'll have to do extra work at the end.

Suspension Trainer - Generally speaking, this is any type of device (CrossFit rings, TRX, or generic suspension device) where the athlete can hang or suspend part of their body in order to increase the difficulty of various body weight exercises. Examples are:
  • Ring Dips
  • Inverted Ring Rows
  • Ring Push-Ups
  • Muscle-Ups
  • Assisted Pistol Squats
  • Inverted Ring Row and Fly
  • Suspended Mountain Climbers
  • Suspended Knees to Elbows
Base - (Formerly Warm-Up) We generally won't post a specific warm-up routine for you, but it is generally accepted you will do some warm-up work prior to beginning the WORK or WOD portion of the programming. If you have any questions about what we recommend for a warm-up, check out Catalyst Athletics Warm-Up series.

Intensity - (Formerly WOD). This is going to be the ass-kicker, CrossFit style workout for the daily posting. USUALLY, this will be a "For Time" or "For Reps" drill where it is you against the clock. If it's not in this format, the explanation for the workout will be posted in the instructions portion of the workout.
Heavy -  (Formerly WORK) Generally speaking, the Heavy portion of the post is going to be the heavy portion of the workout. This is not "timed", but rather used for increasing strength and power. This combines two of the elements of fitness; Strength and Power and is the weight lifting portion of the workout. While the format is not STATIC each week, these basic elements will be included. As an example:

 •Monday - Upper Body / Overhead
 •Tuesday - Shoulders / Arms
 •Wednesday - Abdominals / Hips / Glutes
 •Thursday - Down Day
 •Friday - Upper Body / Overhead
 •Saturday - Legs / Abdominals
 •Sunday - Shoulders / Arms

The cycle will always be 3 days of work, 1 down day.

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