Heavy Work

Every INTENSITY workout is accompanied by a HEAVY load section. That information is included here. SVG FIT follows a MesoCycle of 5 phases.

Each phase is a number of weeks where we focus on a different percentage load of our 1 Rep Maximum weight we can lift with that movement.

If you have questions or are just getting started, please email me at savage(at)svgfit.com

Heavy - Generally speaking, the Heavy portion of the post is going to involve moving heavy objects around in various rep and load schemes.

 This is not "for time", but rather used for increasing strength and power. After completing each lift, there will be a supplemental exercise to finish. Pay attention to the clock!. From the time you finish the LIFT to the time you start your next lift should be no more than 3 minutes (and no less than 2 minutes).

This combines two of the elements of fitness; Strength and Power and is the weight lifting portion of the workout. While the format is not STATIC each week, these basic elements will be included.

Terms and Definitions:
Periodization - This is the division of training cycles. Each period has an established training goal. It consists of the varation in intensity, volume, and frequency over each period.
WOD - Workout Of the Day. Refers to the actual "daily" workout
Microcycle - Usually refers to a week of training
Mesocycle - Usually refers to a period lasting 2-4 months
Macrocycle - The largest unit of time lasting anywhere form 1 to 4 years(Olympic cycle)
Sets - refers to the number of sets you should do in the posted Heavy section of the WOD
Rep Range - if not given in the Heavy section, your workout should consist of this many reps
Load - you will first want to know or find your single rep maximum for any given lift. Once you find that, this describes the weight you should use based upon the single rep maximum for the posted lift.


 Phase 1 - 4 Weeks, Sets: 3,  Rep Range: 15-20,  Load: 55-60% 1RM (1 Rep Max)

 Phase 2 - 5 Weeks, Sets: 4, Rep Range: 8-10, Load: 70-80% 1RM

 Phase 3 - 3 Weeks, Sets: 4, Rep Range: 3, Load: 85-95% 1RM

 Phase 4 - 2 Weeks, Sets: 3, Rep Range: 1-2, Load:  Find New 1 Rep Max (1 RM)

 Phase 5 (Deload) - 2 Weeks, Sets: 2, Rep Range: 10-12, Load: 50% 1RM

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