Wednesday, March 28, 2012

29 MAR 2012 - Power Snatch Press + Overhead Squat

Power Snatch Press + Overhead Squat
Complete between sets:
4 KB Swings

We are in Week 3 of this 4 week cycle. Follow the Heavy Work section to the right for reps and load. Complete 3 to 4 sets; take no more than 20 minutes in this section.

*Power Snatch Press + Overhead Squat - Complete one Snatch Press, where the bar goes from resting on your shoulders to overhead,  and then one Overhead Squat for each rep. This is marginally different than simply doing the "Snatch Balance".

Rest Day

2 Rounds of:
800m Jog
25 Push-Ups
25 Walking Lunges (1 leg, 1 rep)

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