Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Regionals Series - Workout #94

Day 14 / 58

Regionals Event #2
Men’s starting weights:  135, 185, 225, or 255
Women’s starting weights:  85, 125, 155, or 175

For this event, the athlete will have 7 minutes to perform 3 overhead squats at increasing weights to the highest weight possible. <em>Each athlete will begin with a barbell loaded to one of four starting weights of their choice (see below) and a stack of plates</em>. It will be the athlete’s responsibility to load the bar to the correct weight each lift. Once the event begins, the barbell may not get lighter throughout the 7 minutes. The men must make increases in 10-pound increments, while the women must make increases in 5-pound increments.

Athletes will not have a rack, but may get the barbell into the overhead position using any technique they choose. If the athlete uses a full squat snatch to get the weight overhead that will count as the first repetition, as long as all the overhead squat requirements are met.  After a squat snatch, the athlete must perform two additional overhead squats to complete the set.

THEN transition to:

Regionals Event #3
30 Burpee muscle-ups (Time cap: 7 minutes)

 Subs: Burpee Pull-Ups

Record OHS weight and Bupree Muscle-Up Reps

2 rounds of:
10 High Kicks, each side
10 PVC Pass Throughs
50' Spiderman Lunges

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