Thursday, May 31, 2012

01 JUN 2012 - KB Swings and Suicides

Power Clean
Between sets, complete:
6 Chin Ups

Complete 6 rounds:

You have 1 minute to complete the following:

5 KB Swings, 2p/1.5p
1 Suicide Sprint*, 40m

Rest exactly 60s between rounds
Penalty: if you do not make the 1 minute mark count a penalty. Each penalty is worth 20 burpees at the end of the workout.

*Suicide Sprint places a marker every 10m. You must run out to each marker and back to the starting position except for the final marker at the 40m line which is the finish line. In other words, 10m and back, 20m and back, 30m and back, 40m. 

 2 Rounds of:
 10 Sampson Lunges
 60s Cobra Pose
 10 High Kicks, each leg
 60s Spiderman Lunge, each leg
 5 Barbell Ab Roll-Outs

Ab Roll Out

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