Wednesday, May 2, 2012

03 MAY 2012 - Chipper: Tire Flip, Sprint, Burpees

Rest Day

Chipper, For Time, on a course 100' long and with a heavy tire:
- Flip the tire once
- Jump through the tire (i.e. in to the hole, then out of the hole onto the otherside)
Sprint the remaining distance in the 100'
- Complete 1 Burpee for each tire flip you have completed
- Sprint back to the tire
- Jump through the tire

Repeat the above steps until you have moved the tire 200'. In other words, flip the tire up and back down the 100' course. BURPEES RESET at 100'

Burpees - after your first tire flip, you complete one burpee. Two flips, two burpees. The burpee counter resets when you complete the first 100'.

Post questions and times to comments!

2 Rounds of:
10 Iron Cross (1 leg, 1 rep)
60 Second Squat Bridge
10 Air Squats
60 Second Cobra Pose

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