Sunday, June 24, 2012

"The Gladiator" portable landmine fitness trainer

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The ROUGH intro for the Gladiator fitness trainer!

Close-Up of the test model (pre-production)

Get ready to GET RIPPED!

This is the GLADIATOR, a barbell landmine system that is easily portable while providing a very wide variety of movements to add into your training program. Whether you are looking for a piece of gear that is going to save you some money or save you some space, the Gladiator is THE product you need!

The Gladiator workouts and exercises fit perfectly into any fitness program whether that's CrossFit, TRX, P90X, or any other strength and conditioning program out there! Core exercises at it's best!

The Gladiator eliminates the need to shove your barbell into the corner of the gym or to have a static piece of gear that annoyingly attaches to the bottom of your rack. The Gladiator weighs just 4 pounds and can be taken just about anywhere. It fits in 1 45lbs bumper plate or 2 45lbs metal plates leaving the working end free to add what ever you'd like to work with.

The Gladiator allows you simulate TONS of exercises you might not be able to do without getting thousands of dollars in equipment for your gym. From barbell work to dumbbells and kettlebells, the Gladiator will fill all of those roles perfectly.

Come check us out and let us know what you think. Get on the list to pre-order today!

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