Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 JUN 2012 - Heavy Bench Press

Bench Press
Between each set perform:
20m Sprint
4 Dumbbell Cleans

Rest Day

1 Gasser

CrossFit KAIA is rocking and rolling out at the Kabul International Airport. If you haven't seen the posts from these guys, I would definitely recommend checking them out on Facebook! They are a big CrossFit community and have been organizing competitions and their own version of the CrossFit Games (which just went down on the 3rd of JUNE, 2012) for the last two years! They have a solid cadre of leaders and some of the best (non-profit) equipment setups I've seen out there! Not to mention "The Rack" they use for pull-ups, rope climbs, weight racks, and rings is nothing short of amazing! Check them out at

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