Wednesday, September 26, 2012

27 SEP 2012 - Angry Gorilla

Talk about an intense WOD - this CrossFit workout will definitely leave you feeling like you tangled with the Angry Gorilla!

Post in the comments how you did! What was your score?

"Angry Gorilla"
AMRAP, 12 Minutes
10 Dumbbell Walking Lunges*
8 Dumbbell Power Clean (55/35lbs)
6 Dumbbell Push-Press
4 Dumbbell Box Jumps (20/12")*
2 Man Makers

* use only one #55/35 dumbbell held in the Goblet Squat position

Be VERY careful on the box jumps - when you start getting too fatigued, either take a quick breather or consider moving to step-ups. Keep in mind, step-ups are not Rx.

5k Light Jog - loosen up; not for time

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