Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SVG FIT programming really works!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a pretty humble guy. I don't like to brag or talk about myself. Blackhawk Fitness, for instance, was a freaking AWESOME gym (IS an AWESOME gym now as CrossFit Wichita) - With that being said: SVG FIT programming ROCKS MY FACE!

For those of you who do not follow my programming, we still do a CrossFit style workout. There are still the MetCons and we focus on all of the lifts associated with the CrossFit community.

However, we do things a little different. I have hybridized the CrossFit platform. My programming focuses more on the phosphagic benefits of Weightlifting rather than what CrossFit tends to do by focusing more and more on the aerobic, 20 to 30 minute MetCon. While I do plug these in occasionally, we rely more on a heavy load up front through my "Heavy Work" programming cycles, and then a shorter MetCon burst (8 to 12 minutes, generally) afterwards.

The benefits are clear and the proof is in the numbers. Anaerobic workouts still build your endurance capacity without the muscle loss and tissue damage inherent to aerobic-type activities. While I have nothing but GREAT things to say about CrossFit programming - I still get several good, traditional CF WODs in every week - SVG FIT focuses more on the anaerobic pathways, harnessing that explosive power while still building up cardiovascular endurance.

I am a strong opponent to the idea that you have to run long distances to lose weight. There is NO need to tear up your body, knees and hips, running miles and miles every week when you can gain so much more by staying in and around the anaerobic domain. For me, the same holds true for constantly battling long, grueling, high-rep WODs (specifically those WODs that run in the 30+ minute range).

Anyway, we are now on our second mesocycle and our PRs have all shot through the roof!

 Deadlift: Previous PR: 400; now: 405*
 *Not the best one to start with because while I had hit 400 once a year ago, I'd fallen back and been stuck around 375-380 through this last cycle.
 Snatch PR 135 / now 150
 Front Squat PR 215 / now 250
 Back Squat PR 245 / now 285
 Push Jerk PR 185 / now 235
 Overhead Squat PR 180 / now 200
 Clean PR 200 / now 225
 Bench Press PR 185 / now 225

If you are looking to mix it up, or you're stuck on a plateau, check out my HEAVY WORK section on this website and join us for the next mesocycle in a few weeks. You can get warmed-up starting next week as we de-load during Phase 5.

If you would like some tips, pointers, or suggestions on your technique and/or training regimen, I would be HAPPY to help you!


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