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Katie Hogan - an interview with SVG FIT

Listen up,Savages! Today we have the opportunity to chat a superstar athlete, CrossFit Games competitor and all-around badass, Kate Hogan. I'm super excited to have this chance to find out what keeps her motivated and going so incredibly strong (in more ways than one) in the CrossFit community! 

One the reasons I wanted to do an interview with Katie was because she is ALL OVER the Internet! If there is a name you can associate with CrossFit these days, it's Katie Hogan and that characteristic, savage scream of victory that no doubt inspires everyone around her. I have attached a couple of the videos below in this interview which includes one topic I was particularly interested in, rock tape and it's benefits to our CrossFit athletes. THANK YOU, Kate for taking the time to share your perspective with our readers!

FINALLY, check out (as well as the end of this interview) for a special CrossFit workout direct from Katie to YOU. So read the commentary and then go knock out her WOD and post your results here!

Matt: SO, can you give us the skinny on Katie Hogan?

Katie: I've been an athlete my whole life but I started Crossfit in June 2008.  I love Crossfit for what it has shown me about myself as an athlete, coach, and person.  There are times when I feel tired or uncomfortable or discouraged, but the moments of success and completion are what keep me coming back.  Seeing what I am capable of every day, every week, every year.  Just like anything in life, I try to take it one day at a time, one workout at a time, one rep at a time.
Matt: What is your 60 second "Elevator Speech" to people who don't know much (or anything) about CrossFit?

Katie: Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program; a way of working out.  It mixes lots of different elements in different ways so your workout is varied one day to the next.  You will see results quickly whether you're trying to gain muscle, lose weight, improve flexibility, or even learn a new skill or accomplish a new goal.  You have fun.  You workout in a group and encourage each other to push through the challenge.  You should try it!

Matt: From your CrossFit Games profile (, you were involved in sports before finding CrossFit - in what sports did you compete? Do you feel the competitive nature you have now is a result of previously being involved in these sports?

Katie: I grew up playing all kinds of sports.  In high school and college I focused on volleyball and track & field.  I am a very competitive athlete, not such a competitive person.  My desire to win comes when I am in a competition, but I am not the same athlete during practice.  My desire to improve drives me everyday in training and I give my all; however, I have found the competitor within me and I know when to bring her out.

Matt: You are obviously a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Olympic Lifting and weightlifting in general. When I was running CrossFit Wichita, one of the biggest stumbling blocks I came across when training female clients was the general aversion to "getting bulky". The presumption in a lot of cases is being "skinny" means being healthy or more attractive. 

Katie: Anyone who has been in the community knows "getting bulky" is not a goal, nor is it even an outcome of CrossFit training. When confronted with this excuse, how do you generally address this misconception?

It's funny because before I started Crossfit I had experience with lifting weights and had felt myself "bulk up" so I was concerned this would be the result with Crossfit.  When I hear women with the same concern that I had I respect it but I give them my honest opinion and share my experience since starting Crossfit.  I have gained strength and can lift heavier weights than now and the circumferences of my arms, legs, and waist have all gone down.

Matt: Can you tell us a little bit about your experience with the CrossFit Games and what was your take away with regards to training? Are you making changes to your training plans for next year?

Katie: I make changes to my training plan every week.  It's constantly evolving.  The ultimate goal is the same as everyone else's: get better everyday.  Some days have better results than others, but I go into the gym everyday with that goal in mind.  Targeting weaknesses is a huge part of my weekly programming.  At the same time, I have found that I need to include things that I am good as well in order to keep having fun and seeing progress.

Matt: You have a video for the CrossFit Games where you discuss the benefits of rest and sleep (posted below). Can you expand your thoughts on how it has changed your outlook on your health? On your training schedule?

Katie: I have made recovery a huge focus over the past year and I have seen a decrease in injuries, aches, and pains.  Allowing myself enough sleep each night has improved my performance in the gym, not to mention made me a more sane person!  Each person will require different rest and recovery plans, but I have found what works for me.

Matt: Speaking of videos, there was one just posted to your Facebook page ( where you hit 385lbs on deadlift. Just judging by your reaction, that was a PR. Is that the case? What was your previous PR?

Katie: Yes that pull at the Warrior Z Throwdown was definitely a PR! The last PR I got was 360 the month before, and that was a huge struggle.  I pulled 365 at the Warrior Z competition easily so I jumped up to 385 and it actually felt great too.  We had a limited amount of time, otherwise I would've like to try 405...
The Warrior Z Throwdown was a select group of top athletes who were paired up at random (1 guy and 1 girl) and asked to compete against the  other teams in 4 events.

Matt: Rock Tape. Or just taping in general. There are a TON of people who ask me about the benefits of taping and whether or not they should do it. Not only am I not an expert, I really don't have any kind of answer for them. All I usually say is something to the affect of "it looks silly, but I hear it works". 

Katie: Rock Tape is a type of kinesiology tape that helps increase blood flow to the muscles and tissues around the joints.  It can help with those nagging pains in the knee, shoulder, elbow, Achilles, etc or target muscle groups that will be especially taxed in a certain event.  I have been using RockTape for years and have found it to be useful.

Matt: What sort of events do you have coming up and how are you preparing?

Katie: I will be competing in the OC Throwdown in January.  I'm preparing for it by keeping with my regular training, really.  I have made any specific adjustments for the competition.  It's really all the same stuff: strength and conditioning. I'm looking forward to the event as It will be a good gauge for me leading up to the Open.

Matt: Do you have a different training schedule when prepping for events as opposed to not?

Katie: My training schedule pretty much stays the same regardless of upcoming events or not.  If there is a big competition on the weekend then I will taper abut the days before, but for the most part it is better for me to keep with my training schedule.

Matt: Any words of wisdom for someone out there interested in competing (either at the CF Games or Oly lifting events)?

Katie: Do what sounds fun to you.  Believe you can do it and work hard everyday to reach your goal.  It's easier to say than to do, but try to just take it one day at a time and focus on the workout in front of you.
Matt: OK, Katie - like I try to do with all of my athlete interviews, let's talk about stats. I have some stats from your CrossFit Games profile. How many of these have you busted since?

29 / 5'9" / 170

Fran    3:22
Grace 1:42
Fight Gone Bad 364

Clean & Jerk 225 lb
Snatch        175 lb
Deadlift        385 lb
Back Squat 290 lb
Max Pull-ups 31

Katie Hogan's savage WOD!
12 kb swings 53/35
10 pistols (alt legs)
8 ground to overhead 135/95

Meet Katie Hogan - CrossFit Games 2011 Interview

ROCKTAPE! Katie's Interview with Rocktape

Katie and her 170lbs Snatch

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