Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hansen Hero Fitness Workout #128

daniel hero wod crossfit

Day 8/112

5 rounds
30 KB swing (2p/1.5p)
30 Burpees
30 GHD sit-ups

 Marine Staff Sgt Daniel Hansen died February 14th in Farah Providence, Afghanistan when an IED he was working on detonated. Daniel is survived by his mother Sheryll, his father Delbert, his younger sister Katie, and his twin brother Matthew (also a Marine).

 *Be careful with this WOD! Those GHDs will bite you in the ass! Very few people will be able to Rx this out of the gate. Scale it back to ABMAT sit-ups and a lower pood on the Kettlebell.

2 Rounds of:
60s Cobra Pose
10 Iron Cross-Overs (each leg)
20 Air Squats

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