Sunday, April 1, 2012

02 APR 2012 - Shoulder Press, SDHP

Shoulder Press, Lift 1
Between sets, complete:
5 Clapping Push-Ups

Sumo Deadlift, High-Pull, Lift 2
Between sets, complete:
2 Man-Makers

Use the chart to the right to determine weight and reps. Take no more than 30 minutes on these two lifts. Rest 90 seconds between the time you finish the "between sets" exercise and starting the next set.

Complete Lift 1 in its entirety before starting Lift 2.

Rest Day

2 Rounds of
Downward Dog Pose, 60 second hold
10 Sampson Lunges, 3 second hold (1 leg, 1 rep)
Squat Bridge Pose, 60 second hold
10 Cobra Push-Ups

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