Thursday, June 28, 2012

29 JUN 2012 - Fire Hose Wave, Wall Ball, Ball Slam, Double Unders

Bench Press
Between each set perform:
100m Sprint
10 Air Squats

This is a little intense for the heavy portion. Be sure you are tracking your times. No more than 3:00 minutes break after completion of the BENCH PRESS.

5 Rounds of:
Timed Max Effort - Fire Hose Waves
20 Wall Balls
20 Ball Slams
20 Double Unders
Rest 90 Seconds

Time the maximum duration in each round you can continuously do the Fire Hose Wave (see below). Once you must stop/break, complete the given exercises then rest 90 seconds. Your SCORE is the total time performing the Fire Hose Wave.

Fire Hose Wave

2 Rounds of:
 10 KB Walking Lunge Steps
 10 KB Swings
 10 KB Orbits (Right first round, Left second round)

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