Friday, June 22, 2012

Olympic Lifting instruction and lessons

Introducing SVG FIT Services!

If you are interested in improving your posture, strength, load, or technique, check out our online or in-person training program!

I will work with YOU personally to help you improve your technique and get you OUT OF THAT RUT of a plateau you've been sitting in for weeks on end.

Not seeing the numbers climb up like they used to? Let's me look at your timing and positioning and get you back on track!

I am offering three services and they are all reduced as an introductory offer! Check them out and let's get you moving again!

Oly Training Session - 4 Hours

In-Person Training and Critique Session. Covers up to 4 Lifts of your choice - 2 Hours - $100 dollars
Skype Training Session

Skype Training Session - $35 per hour. Work with me over Skype to get some insite on how you can improve your form and technique. Up to one hour over Skype. Just setup your laptop at the gym or in your garage and I'll make suggestions as we move along. This is great for people who are out of the area or outside the United States.
YouTube (Video) Critique
YouTube Critique - $25. Submit a video of you doing your lift or movement you're struggling with and for just $25, I will make suggestions, critque your form, and get you lined up to start pushing better PRs in NO TIME!

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