Sunday, November 4, 2012

Phase 1, Week 3 (29 OCT - 4 NOV, 2012)

The HEAVY WORK section goes hand-in-hand with the INTENSITY portion of the Daily Workout. Our WODs should NOT BE taken piecemeal as the components all make up our complete routine. Click here for more information on HEAVY WORK.

Week 3, Phase 1
Phase Length: 4 Weeks
Sets: 4
Rep Range: 15-20
Load: 60-65% 1RM (1 Rep Max)

Monday:Rest Day
Tuesday:DL / 6 Goblet Squat Jumps
Wednesday:BP / 5 Clapping Push-Ups
Thursday:Snatch / 6 T2B
Friday:Rest Day
Saturday:BSQT / 15 Hollow Rock
Sunday:9-6-3 Clean and Jerk (185/135)

The exercises listed after the lift are to be done between each set.
Rest no less than 2 and NO MORE THAN 3 minutes following the LIFT.

BP - Bench Press
BSQT - Back Squat
C&J - Clean and Jerk
DL - Dead Lift
FSQT - Front Squat
GSQT - Goblet Squat
HPC - Hang Power Clean
OHS - Overhead Squat
PC - Power Clean
PJ - Push Jerk
PP - Push Press

Click here for additional phases

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