Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turkey Day Traveling Workouts - Tuesday

Are you among the millions of Americans who will be traveling this holiday weekend?

If so, be sure to take your suspension trainer with you! Follow SVG FIT for daily Turkey Dinner-busting workouts you can do with little or no equipment!!

As many of you know, I have been doing a  lot of suspension training since I deployed to Afghanistan last year. I love it! Most of the exercises are simple and all of them are scale-able. It is hard to fit them into the typical CrossFit WOD, but I have posted a lot of my "Reset" work using suspension trainers.

Want something to tryout today??

 Tuesday's Suspension WOD:
 3 Rounds For Reps:
 Suspended Push-Ups
 Suspended Mountain Climbers
 Suspended Lat Pull-Downs
 Suspended Pike
 Rest 90 Seconds

Inst: Complete as many exercises as you can of each listed. When you cannot continue the exercise IMMEDIATELY move on to the next exercise in the series.

Count the TOTAL REPS from each exercise across the three rounds as your score.

I get mine here - http://www.woss.com/woss-gear-trainer/ - They are just about as inexpensive as you can get. It's actually hard to make it yourself much cheaper!

If you get one, be sure to tell them Matt at SVG FIT sent you!

If you don't have a suspension trainer for this week, MAKE ONE! Here's how

I DO NOT recommend using this forever. I strongly encourage you to buy a professionally built one. This will get you through if you do not have one right now, but when you get the chance, spend the $25 and buy one from Steve over at Woss Enterprises.

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