Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Format

Beginning next week I will be posting in a new format, a format more relevant to the week of the cycle in which we are working. Posts for Week 1 will begin on Monday and go through Sunday with the entire weeks worth of Heavy work posted as normal on the right. It is in this fashion I hope to present a more repeatable workout program each cycle. This is opposed to the method in which we have been going, which is essentially the week of heavy work and then a daily post based upon the date (and not the day in the cycle).

With the new year we will be starting with Week 1 in the next cycle. Many of you following the program will note we are two phases shy of end of this cycle - but with the new format, I want to start fresh at the beginning of the year. IF you are so inclined, there is no reason you cannot continue for the remaining time with the workouts and heavies I will continue to post.

Thanks and STAY SAVAGE!

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