Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Front Squats and Double Under Fitness Workout #71

Day 99/112

Grab a partner for this workout. First partner does the WOD, second partner observes and helps count. Then switch.

AMRAP, 3 Minutes
10 Front Squat (95/65)
15 Double Unders

If you complete 75 Reps (3 rounds), add 3 minutes to the AMRAP and continue with the same rep scheme. If you complete 150 Reps total (6 rounds), add 3 minutes and continue. If you complete 225 reps total, add 3 minutes and continue, etc. Continue in this fashion until you cannot complete the reps within the allotted time.

Post total REPS as your score.

See CF OPEN WOD 13.5

2 Rounds of:
20 Pass Throughs
60s PVC Shoulder Extension
60s Spiderman Extension, each leg
10 Walking Lunge Steps

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