Wednesday, July 31, 2013

KB SDHP and Wall Ball Fitness Workout #145

Day 32/112

20 Minutes
Pistol Progression

In order of progression:
1) Lateral Lunges
2) Assisted (use weight rack or pull-up rig)
3) PVC Assisted

If you already have the pistol down, complete:

Max Reps:
Alternating Pistol Squat, Unbroken
Rest 60-90s

Then complete;
If under 15:
Pistol Squats, subtracting 2 from your previous set
Rest 60s

If over 20:
Pistol Squats, subtracting 3 from your previous set

Ex: 12 alternating pistols, rest 90s, 10 alternating pistols, rest 60s, 8 alternating pistols, rest 60s...etc. Continue to 0  alternating pistols.

10,9,8,7....1 reps for Time of:
KB SDHP (1.5p/1p)
Wall Ball

2 Rounds of:
3 KB Windmills, Left (1p/.5p)
3 KB Windmills, Right
10 Around the Worlds, Left (45/25)
10 Around the Worlds, Right

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