Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chipperific Fitness Workout #164

Day 60/112

Skill Work:
Handstands and Handstand Push-Ups
For no more than 15 minutes, work on either your handstands against the wall or your handstand push-up. 

Work on your starting position to get in the handstand: arms locked, hands overhead. Additionally, practice the hollow position while upended.

To scale your HSPU, add 1, 2 or even 3 AbMats. Get comfortable with breaking the lock on your arms FIRST before attempting full HSPUs. 

Run 800m
5 Muscle-Ups
10 Back squat (225/185) 
15 Deadlift (225/185) 
20 Push jerk (135/95) 
Run 800m

Muscle-Ups sub: 2 Ring Row, 2 Ring Dip per rep; 

CUT-OFF: 30 minutes

Mobility and Roll-Out as directed by coach.

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