Sunday, November 3, 2013

Delta 2013 mesocycle, Conditioning Phase, Week 1

Total Phase: 8 Weeks
"Capacity Building"

Monday: Weighted Pull-Ups
Tuesday: Weighted Push-Ups
Wednesday: OH Walking Lunge
Thursday: 1 Mile Sandbag Run
Friday: Clean and Jerk
Saturday: 5k Run
Sunday: 15 Minutes: Swim Laps

BP - Bench Press
BSQT - Back Squat
C&J - Clean and Jerk
DL - Dead Lift
DU - Double Unders
FSQT - Front Squat
HPC - Hang Power Clean
OH - Overhead
OHS - Overhead Squat
PC - Power Clean
PJ - Push Jerk
PP - Push Press
SDHP - Sumo Deadlift, High Pull
T2B - Toes to Bar

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